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A Few Things Clients Normally Ask Us

Can you design my logo?
Logos are included as a part of our Brand Packages, but we donʼt design logos as a la carte items. Our Brand Packages vary in scope and deliverables. Contact us to get more info.
How much does a website cost?
Website fees can vary a great deal depending on the project scope, amount of functionality/customization, and CMS platform selection/set up. We’d love to talk about your site and can quickly narrow down a ballpark number to help you plan for budget purposes.
What services do you outsource?
We have a solid network of specialized vendor partners that we engage with depending on the needs of a project. We may engage outside partners for services such as photography and video, 3D, animation and website development.
Can you handle my social media accounts?
We do not handle social media accounts. However, we will work with your team to collaborate on social media content and develop templates to establish a cohesive look and feel your brand can run with.
Do you offer retainer based services?
We do! We offer creative service retainers tailored to your needs. We understand hiring an in-house team is costly, that is where Dinger can help. Interested in starting a creative retainer? Contact us to get more info.