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Disorder Skateboards is an American skateboard company founded by Olympian Nyjah Huston in 2021. Nyjah Huston is widely regarded as one of the greatest skateboarders of all time and has made an eternal mark on the sport and culture.

We had the privilege of collaborating closely with Nyjah and his team for the debut of Disorder Skateboards. This encompassed the creation of the brand's foundational identity system, as well as a myriad of skateboard designs, merchandise, website development, and more. The initial visuals crafted for the brand's introduction were built to mirror Nyjah's vision for a brand that embodies expression, individualism, and the rebellious essence of skateboarding culture.

Quotation Symbol

When we hired Dinger to help us build our brand identity from the ground up, we had no idea they would go above and beyond to help us establish something that would be so iconic in the skateboarding industry, from the logo concept to the entire identity of the brand, they truly built something that is now recognized by millions of eyes.

Nathan Groff

Creative Director, Disorder Skateboards

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