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3D Rendering: Travis Ragsdale


Launched in 2016, Twisted Hemp was one of the first brands to ignite and inspire an entirely new market behind hemp based wraps. Since then Twisted Hemp has established their product and brand as a leader in the hemp industry and have positioned themselves as a premium product at an unbeatable price.

Twisted Hemp reached out to us to work collaboratively with their team to develop an entirely new brand strategy and visual identity that will be able to facilitate present and future growth, help attract and connect with new and existing customers, and drive competitor brands to feel and look like a secondary option on and off the shelf.

Quotation Symbol

Our expectations with Dinger where met and then exceeded! Through a collaborative process we were able to come up with designs and concepts that have advanced the smoking space in terms of ascetics and forward thinking.

Mike Luiere

President, P&L Sales Group / Twisted Hemp

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